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What Sets Us Apart?
    After 25 years in the gymnastics world as a gymnast, a coach, and a spectator, I have learned a few important lessons. First, although competitive gymnastics is fun and rewarding, it is not for everyone and it is a shame when talented, motivated children leave the sport simply because the competitive side does not provide the atmosphere they need in order to thrive. Second, if we do not train in a way that is healthy for our minds and bodies, we are creating a lifelong burden. And third, gymnastics is an art form.
Over the past ten years, I have struggled through some issues I see in mainstream gymnastics.  Gymnastics provided me with an amazing outlet throughout my childhood and kept me motivated, hard working, and so happy through high school, but can also focus too much on winning and pushing our bodies to the breaking point. When I realized my desire to make gymnastics a permanent fixture in my life, I was forced to question these conflicting emotions and figure out why I was still so drawn to the sport. The answer, for me, is because it fulfills a need for creative expression.  I believe that the world of gymnastics is on a path that is taking all the art out and purely exploring the limits to which we can push our bodies. I want more. Gymnastics is a beautiful form of expression, just like dance, aerial arts, and other forms of movement. This is the side I wish to celebrate.
    My vision is to combine these lessons into a program that serves the needs of every type of gymnast in an environment where we respect the limits of our bodies and feed our minds with confidence, not stress. For this reason, we provide several paths for the aspiring gymnast: Recreational Classes, Compulsory and Optional Competitive Team, Prep Optional Team for those who wish to compete with less time commitment, and Performance Team for those who wish to train either some or all of the events while integrating forms of dance and aerial arts to their liking. To be clear, although we wish to steer away some of the issues I see in mainstream gymnastics, we still believe in serious training with the correct technique and progressions. We still work hard, we just believe in facilitating the development of a complete, healthy individual rather than just a gymnast.

-Becca Hall Coach and Co-Owner


Registration Options: You may register your child online by clicking the "Join the Movement" link at the bottom of the page, by calling 828-254-6060, by texting 828-539-0180 (text only number), or by stopping in during our office hours Mon-Fri 10am-1pm.
Registration Fee: $15 per child per year.  This is due when you sign up for classes and is to cover liability insurance. 

Class Offerings

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Wild Things Free Play
Ages 0-3 | 1hr | $5 per drop in
Open gym time for you and your little one. Enjoy the trampoline, mini-foam pit, preschool sized bars and beam, and the padded environment!
 A great time to prepare your child for future structured classes, work on motor skills together, or to simply spend a rainy day. Drop in only. Fall and Spring Schedule: Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat 10:30-11:30 Summer Schedule: Wed&Sat 10:30-11:30

Make Way for Ducklings
Ages 2-4 | 45min | $45 per month
Great option for the preschooler who might not be ready to jump right into a fully structured class. Mom or Dad will work with the teacher to guide their child through structured class time mixed in with free play. The class will transition to a structured class without the parent on the floor at a pace that works for your child. Not all preschoolers need this transition and you know your child best. If they do not have experience in a preschool environment, have a hard time with separation anxiety, or have spent a lot of time doing only Free Play in the gym, this may be a good option!
Stellaluna's Preschool
Age 3-5 | 45min | $45 per month
Structured class for preschoolers. Parents will watch as their child becomes familiar with all the gymnastics equipment: bars, floor, balance beam, vault, and trampoline. A great class if you think your child might like to pursue gymnastics in the future or if you just want them to move their bodies while developing coordination and love it! Weekly themes keep activities new and interesting every class!

Tigger's Kindergarten
Age 5-6 |1hr |$50 per month
Class for kindergarteners just starting gymnastics who need a transition class before jumping in with older kids. With other beginners they will be introduced to all the equipment and learn the structure of our classes. The year of kindergarten is a big year of transition for children and we understand that with so many new rules and structure in their lives, adding another class can be overwhelming. Our kindergarten instructors keep this in mind as they introduce your child to all of the equipment while showing them how much fun a structured, safe environment can be.

Class I Ripples
Ages 5-8 Coed | 1hr | $50 per month
Now that your child understands the structure of our classes and has become familiar with the equipment, they will begin to focus more on improving their skills. Focusing on cartwheels, handstand position, bridges, pull overs, running and jumping correctly, and proper beam form. They will develop not only a love for the gym environment with fun equipment, but a love for working hard to reach milestones in the gym. Watch their confidence grow as they learn what their bodies are capable of.
Class I Riptides
Ages 8+ Girls | 1.5 hr | $65 per month
For girls 8 and over who are just beginning gymnastics.  This class begins at the same level as Ripples but takes into account that older children tend to
progress at a faster rate and enjoy a little extra time in the gym! 
Class II Currents
Ages 8+ | 1.5hr | $65 per month
For gymnasts who have advanced beyond beginners gymnastics and are ready for more of a challenge. With an extra half hour in class we will be able to focus on those harder skills like kick overs, round offs, and back handsprings while also beginning to focus on strengthening the body, which is essential for progression!  Separate classes for girls and boys.

Class III Rapids
Ages 8+ | 2hrs | $75 per month
Two hour class with the option of coming once or twice a week. For gymnasts who have advanced beyond intermediate gymnastics and can’t get enough. They are working towards round-off back handsprings and know how to have fun working hard.

Ninja Training
Ages 6-10 | 1hr | $50 per month
For the kid who wants to learn flips ninja style and get out a lot of energy, but doesn’t want to be on a competition team.
We will have lots of fun learning basic tumbling skills, bars, vault, and trampoline.

Teen Strength-Conditioning and Endurance
Ages 13+ | 1hr | $30 per month
For teens who want a workout to keep them ready for the sport they love or just to keep in shape. No gymnastics experience needed, but gymnastics equipment will be used and opportunities to learn some gymnastics skills will be provided as strengthening exercises. This is a serious strength class and is not for the faint-hearted.

Ages 8+ Coed | 1hr | $55 per month
A class to learn tumbling skills on the floor and trampoline. Perfect for older kids who are not interested in the other events.
Also perfect for cheerleaders, or dancers. If desired, jumps can be taught as well. Beginners welcome.

Advanced Tumbling
Ages 8+ Coed | 1hr | $55 per month
A tumbling class for kids who have advanced beyond beginner’s tumbling or for gymnasts who no longer want to do all the events.
Must be able to do a strong round off back handspring and ready to work back tucks.

Prep Opt Team
By Coach Recommendation
 Prep Opt team is the perfect route for gymnasts who want to compete in a relaxed environment. They are still required to work hard but are able to choose the difficulty they put into each routine and therefore have the ability to spend less time in the gym if they desire.

Cumpolsury and Optional Girls Team
By Coach Recommendation
This is for the hardworking gymnast who is begging to be in the gym all the time! We train with a focus on fun and achievement and with an understanding that, at any time, life may change and your daughter may want to change their route in gymnastics, at which point we will lovingly find a way to keep them doing the sport they love in a way that works for them. 

Performance Team
By Coach Recommendation
This is for the gymnast who loves training and learning new skills but either doesn't want to compete or is ready to explore other forms of movement and expression.  Team members choose which gymnastics events they want to pursue along with any dance classes and aerial arts they wish to incorporate.  We work together to develop a schedule that fits their needs.  With guidance they will choreograph routines incorporating their various talents with the goal of putting together a performance by the whole team. 

Coming Soon: Acro Gymnastics Team! 

Private Lessons available. Inquire with front desk.

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